Rethinking Geodesy and Geomatics Education in Indonesia (RG2E) in this modern era

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This paper wanted to inspire lovers of knowledge in particular fields of Geodesy and Geomatics. Especially on Geodesy and Geomatics Education in Indonesia.

Why? The facts show an indication that the education of Geodesy and Geomatics has not been able to form a knowledgeable human being who is able to solve problems of mankind with the knowledge of Geodesy and Geomatics acquired during his education.
The key word is 'knowledge' and 'operational' or best practices (best practices) that are inherent in everyday human being geodetic / geomatics. Best practice must be based on the knowledge that continues to evolve through improved knowledge of the principal ideas of Geodesy and Geomatics.

What are these facts? Some may be mentioned here. We've abandoned practicum supervision by lecturers, unlike the days of the first-generation college students geodesy force that guided directly by the academics as well as practitioners (actors) business and the research involved also in international forums that we can see as an international recognition of qualifications and competence of scientific expertise geodesy our lecturers at the time.

We also see faculty remuneration system is not yet clear and proportionate and fair. Time sharing system of teaching, researching and working on projects, not yet apparent deducted. And this must be accompanied by the imposition of fairness in the remuneration or reward top performance. So far, the concentration and professors fulfill their work time teaching is not rewarded with equal or comparable to the lecturers researching and producing projects.

In Korea for example, distinguished professor of faculty researchers and lecturers.Also there are professors who worked on the administrative seat in the rector and other structural or functional positions. The division faculty welfare, given fairly appropriate workload and time burden to bear. With the allocation of field researchers, teachers and administrative, each lecturer will be able to focus on research, students, and administrative tasks. So it can be produced quality research, students who really understand the knowledge in his field, and an elegant campus management and accountability.

The knowledge that we get more information on lectures, and not the latest innovations and we are not taught how to think of new innovations to be able to follow and even make a similar or better characterized by the typical technology that is capable of solving the problems of human life.

Rethinking or rethink, is thought to produce a working draft and work to implement the guidelines something. Rethinking the Geodesy and Geomatics Education in Indonesia is reviewing all aspects of education in an objective to get the concept of Geodesy and Geomatics Education in Indonesia with international standard.

Let's get started.

What is an Education?

What is the Geodesy and Geomatics?

Education is the process of educating someone to be able to master the knowledge of something. Education should be aimed to equip learners to be able to solve the problems of human beings to achieve the welfare of mankind.

Geodesy and Geomatics is the scientific knowledge about the Earth relating to the measurement and presentation of the Earth's gravitational field, including within the framework of three-dimensional space which varies with time.

So, Geodesy and Geomatics Education must be intended to form human beings capable of mastering the knowledge of measurement and presentation of the earth within the space of time to solve the problems of mankind.

What are the problems of living human beings who can be helped by learning and mastering knowledge of geodesy and geomatics? There are so many, among them is how to reduce the risk caused by the earthquake, how to prevent and cope with flood disasters, how to overcome or prevent the danger of forest fires, how to simplify and accelerate the transportation / freight, how to build a neat town, how to get an overview of potential and manage natural resources in coastal zones and oceans to produce prosperity for the fishermen and the community and generate significant revenue for the state, and issues of human life for the welfare of others.

Important to emphasize here is that education as a process, should be able to produce a human being able to solve these problems. For, to what my education, if not to solve problems for the welfare of human beings, protect human, easier way of human life? Is not the purpose of education is to build intelligent human beings to overcome this problem?

Let us begin to rebuild all that we have already started, from what is, and we ask again to the conscience, whether we will continue and we fix, or we dismantle and start over, something new?

Please provide comments, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you.

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