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Geodesy in the view of the lay branch of science is the study of geosciencemapping the earth. Geodesy is one of the oldest branch of science dealing with the earth.


Derived from the Greek Geodesy, Geo (γη) = Earth and daisia ​​/ daiein (δαιω) =split, said geodaisia ​​or geodeien means dividing the earth. Actually the term"Geometry" is enough to mention the science of measuring the earth, where thegeometry comes from the Greek, γεωμετρία = geo = earth and metria =measurement. It literally means measurement of the earth. But the geometric terms(more precisely the spatial or spatial science) which is the basis for studying thescience of geodesy has been commonly referred to as a branch of mathematics.


Classical definition
According to Helmert and Torge (1880), Geodesy is the science of measuring andmapping the earth's surface which also includes the sea floor.

modern definition

According to the IAG (International Association Of Geodesy, 1979), Geodesy is thediscipline of the study of measurement and perepresentasian of the Earth andother celestial objects, including gravity field, respectively, in three-dimensional space that changes with time.

In the report the National Research Council USA, the definition of Geodesy can be read as follows:  a branch of applied mathematics That determines by observationsand measurements the exact positions of points and the figures and areas of largeportions of the earth's surface, the shape and size of the earth, and the variations ofterrestrial gravity.

In different languages​​, geodesy, a branch of applied mathematics, which is done by taking measurements and observations to determine:
The exact position of the points on the earth
The size and extent of most of the earth
The shape and size of the Earth and variations in Earth's gravity
This definition has two aspects, including:
Scientific aspects (aspects of the determination of form), related to geometry and physical aspects of earth and earth's gravity field variations.
Applied aspects (aspects of positioning), associated with measurements andcareful observation points or wider than a large part of the earth. Applied aspects of these later became known as mapping or surveying and geodetic techniques.
Geodetic techniques now no longer just associated with surveying and mapping.The development of digital computer technology has expanded the scope ofgeodetic science and engineering expertise. Map has been managed as ageographic information computing. That is why the international community hasadopted the new terminology: Geomatics or Geoinformatika.

History of Geodesy                                                  
Since time immemorial, Geodetic Science used by humans for purposes ofnavigation. Significantly, the mapping of the earth as the science of Geodesy has been begun since the flood of the Nile (2000 BC) by the kingdom of Ancient Egypt.Geodesy developments are more significant when men learn the shape of the Earth & Earth's size is more in the Greek figures, Erastotenes known as the father of geodesy. Until geodetic techniques serve as an academic discipline almost every state. Currently, due to advances in information technology, the moreextensive coverage of geodetic science.

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